World Bosses

World bosses is a daily event. Every day a player confronts two bosses:
  • Basilisk at 2:00 PM (14:00) Moscow time;
  • Dragon at 7:00 PM (19:00) Moscow time.

The goal of players is to defeat a boss within an allotted amount of time, fighting his minions. There are difficulty levels in minions. The higher their level is, the bigger reward you will claim for your victory and the more damage will be inflicted on the boss.

When the health of the boss drops to the zero point, the top ten rated players get a reward according to the place they’ve won. The player who deals the last fatal blow gets an extra reward.

If players win, the boss gets stronger, increasing the amount of his health. If players fail to win, the boss gets weaker.

During the event players have the following options:
  • Simple bomb. Reusable during the event. A plain bomb is activated with a gold donation by a player.
  • Holy bomb. Single-use per event. A Saint bomb is activated with a coupon donation by one player.
  • Enhancement of characteristics during the entire event.
  • Resetting the fight call timer.

You can take part in the event by talking to the Clerk.