Team missions

A game mode of joint advancement through locations in a team of up to 3 players.

Team missions are divided by the territories of the world. New missions unlock with you open new territories.

To start a mission, just create a team and invite other players to join it. To engage in team missions, go to the Clerk.

Your opponents in team missions are considerably stronger. Therefore players get an increased amount of experience, a larger quantity of resources and a higher chance of finding valuable items.

Per day a player is given three attempts for passing team missions. A player can get extra attempts for coupons.

After using all attempts, a player won’t get any benefit (rewards, experience, etc.) but will be able to help his friends to go through missions.

Valor points

After passing missions, its participants are rewarded with valor points. The number of points depends directly on the number of defeated opponents.

Valor points are used for acquiring unique equipment in the weapons store.