There are nine different stores in the game:
  • Weapons store;
  • Jewelry store;
  • Expendables store;
  • Premium store;
  • Rune store;
  • Frame store;
  • Companion store;
  • Seed store;
  • Arena store.


The Blacksmith sells the equipment items that include different types of armor and weapons.  


In the jewelry store you can buy the equipment items that include different types of jewelry items.

In the expendables store you can buy different potions, scrolls and other expendable items.

In the premium store you can buy unique items and expendables with coupons.

In the interfaces of the first four stores you will see the balance of Valor points. These points are premium currency and used for buying unique equipment or other precious items.

A player can earn valor points in the form of a reward for completing team missions or buy them using coupons.


The rune store sells runes used for improving a character’s characteristics.

Village girl

The Farm has a seed store that offers all the required resources for growing plants.

You can buy a companion from the Village girl in the companion store. Use the companion collection to change or choose a companion.


You can buy a new Character from the Elder in the frame store. Use the frame collection to change or choose a Character.


The Single arena has the arena store. In this store a Player can change the arena medals he has accrued for unique boxes with rewards.