A skill is a type of ability a Character uses randomly during combat.

A character can choose from a table of 40 skills. All the skills are grouped by techniques.

To learn skills, the character uses skill points. A Character can unlock a skill in any order he or she wishes to do so. A Character receives 1 skill point every two levels.

To start using a skill, the skill should be placed in a Set utilized by a Character during combat. Every Set can simultaneously contain up to 6 skills.

Every technique enhances all the skills it has. Initially, techniques are inactive and become activated automatically when all the four corresponding skills are learned. Activated techniques have a passive influence on skills and don’t require additional manipulations.
You can clear the table of learned skills if you want to, thus returning to all distributed skill points.

You can open the skill interface by clicking the Skill Book in the lower part of the screen. The image of the corresponding icon in the game interface: