Runes enhance the characteristics of Characters. Every Character has his own set of runes.

The interface of runes is divided into two parts. In the left part you can see the collection with all the runes the Character has. In the right part - a set of active runes which consists of eight cells. Initially, a Character has access only to one cell in the set of runes. The remaining seven cells unlock one by one for gold.

A rune becomes active only after being moved from the collection to one of the cells of the set.

Runes are acquired for gold in the Rune store from the Wiseman. After the purchase the rune automatically gets into the Character’s rune collection.

Every rune has its own level. Leveling up requires rune dust and gold. The maximum level of a rune depends upon the Character’s level and can’t exceed it.

The interface of runes has an additional window showing the description of bonuses for the Character’s characteristics.
Once a day a character is offered the option of acquiring an extra amount of rune dust.

You can open the runes interface by clicking the Rune in the lower part of the screen. Below you can see the image of the Rune icon.