Referral program

A referral program is a special type of functionality that attracts your friends and acquaintances to the game and gets you extra bonuses in the game.

The interface is the referral program opens at the click of the R icon in the upper part of the screen. The entry “Your link” contains a unique link.

After a new player registers by using this link, he gets a bonus that includes:
  • 25000 gold;
  • 100 coupons;
  • 200 rune dust;
  • Premium status for one day.

A registered player will appear on your list. The list is renewed once every 4 hours.

In the left part of the window you can see the achievements of the invited player. After achievements are completed, you will get an extra reward.
The list of achievements and rewards:




Character’s level

40 level

15 000 gold

60 level

30 000 gold

80 level

150 000 gold

Coupon purchase

The first payment for any amount

50 coupons

Single arena

50 any fights in arena

10 arena medals

100 any fights in arena

20 arena medals

200 any fights in arena

40 arena medals

500 any fights in arena

100 arena medals

1500 any fights in arena

300 arena medals

You can get rewards for achievements by every invited player only once.

Rewards are collected with the help of the button “Get your bonus”.