The heroes of NinjaWars are unique, each of them has his own level, experience, inventory, unique characteristics values and class.

You can change or get another hero by visiting the Elder.

The set of characteristics is the same for all heroes, but the characteristics values are different. There are several groups for characteristics:

  • Main characteristics;
  • Estimated;
  • Additional.

The group of main characteristics includes the following:

  • Strength;
  • Agility;
  • Endurance;

Their values increase every times a character levels up. Every main characteristic is linked with two estimated characteristics:

Main characteristics

Estimated characteristics










The values of estimated characteristics increase in a certain ratio from the main characteristics. The ratio is shown in the form of quotients and can be improved by increasing the level of your hero’s category, accruing a sufficient amount of honor points.

By clicking a hero’s image in the left upper corner of the central interface, you will see an frame card (your hero’s) that shows your current hero’s characteristics.


Карточка образа.png

The group of additional characteristics includes the following:

  • Defence;
  • Armor piercing;
  • Accuracy;
  • Block bypass
  • Tenacity;
  • Critical hit.

The values of additional characteristics are generated by to the bonuses you get from equipment, runes and other game components.

Every class, as a rule, has a prevailing set of characteristics. There are three main classes:

  • Tank;
  • Damager;
  • Speedster;

Иконки классов.png

Some heroes’ properties are shown directly in the central interface of the game. Health and chakra are among such properties.


Левая верхняя панель героя.png

Health is shown by the red bar, chakra - by the blue bar. The green bar shows the limit of turn points.

Health is used in fight. The level of health displays the maximum damage a hero can get during fight. If the maximum damage runs out, your hero dies.

Chakra is also used in fight and spent by a hero to apply the skills that require chakra.

Turn points limit heroes’ daily activity next to a hero’s icon in the form of a green bar.

Turn points don’t describe a hero’s personal characteristic. They describe a total limit of attempts spent jointly by all heroes from your character’s collection.

To the left of the Health and Chakra bars, you can see round-shaped indicators. The rectangular bars show the maximum available amount of health and chakra that a hero can use in fight. The round-shaped indicators show the total available amount used for the automatic refill of health and chakra after fight.

The total available amount of health and chakra indicated next to the colored bars are replenished by heroes’ using chakra and health potions.