In the forge a player can access the following services:
  • Improvement
  • Socketing
  • Synthetization
  • Craft
  • Reforging
  • Improvement

The improvement service is meant only for a character’s equipment items and a companion’s medallions.

Any equipment item has its own improvement level. The lowest possible level is 0. The maximum level of improvement for any item is 20.

Every improvement attempt requires a player to pay with gold. The higher your equipment level, the higher the cost of an improvement will be.
Every item improvement has a chance of a successful attempt. The improvement chance decreases with the increase in the item level. Luck stones are used to boost the chance of a successful attempt.

An improvement results in an item increasing the Main characteristic (yellow) and Additional (blue). Every characteristic has a value of the maximum level of improvement shown opposite.


You can add characteristics to your equipment items using Encrustment stones. The game has different stones that imbue items with certain characteristics.

Initially every equipment item has 1 cell for encrustment available for it. Additional cells unlock for gold.

You can’t encrust the same stones in a single equipment, regardless of their level.

Encrusted stones can be retrieved from equipment.


Synthetization is used for merging items with the goal of increasing their level and improving their properties. Different precious stones as well as other items can be used for synthetization.


A player can use the functionality of creating a character’s equipment and companion’s medallions. To create items, you need craft materials. Every craft material lends the item that is being created an additional attribute.


A player can change an additional attribute for a different random one or change its value. To replace an attribute, use the blacksmith's stones. Star shards are used for changing the attribute of a value.

Craft and reforging materials are mined in Mines, Team missions, bought in the premium store and can be collected in the form of a reward when opening an arena box.