A farm is a place where a player can plant seeds, water them and harvest a crop, receiving a reward for it. Your reward will differ depending on the type of seed you plant.

There are several types of seeds:
  • Pumpkin seed - gets you the food required for your companion to grow
  • Sunflower seed - brings you gold
  • Rose seed - brings valor points
  • Stone flower seed - brings rune dust

The higher the level of seed, the more crop it will produce. Every type of vegetable differs by the time of watering, ripening and harvesting. It is important to water and harvest your crop in time. If you don’t water a plant, it will produce only part of a crop. If you haven’t gathered a crop in time - it will decompose entirely. A decomposed plant should be dug out or restore your crop using coupons.

Every successful watering and crop harvesting level up your farm. When your farm achieves a certain level, you can buy extra patches. Every patch should be bought with gold, and you should wait until a patch is cultivated. You can use coupons to speed up the cultivation of a patch.

You can get seeds while passing single and group locations or when buying them in the seeds store or receive seeds in the form of a reward in an arena box. All seeds are stored in the seeds warehouse.

To access the farm, go to the Village girl.