The game mechanics instructs a player to pass levels one by one. At every level a player has to fight opponents getting rewards for it. Every subsequent level produces stronger opponents and bigger rewards for passing the level.

As a player progresses through the dungeon, he gets rewards - main and extra. The main reward is given every time a player defeats an opponent. An extra reward is given for winning every tenth opponent.

The value of the main reward increases with every level of the dungeon. The higher the level of the dungeon is, the stronger the opponents are and the more valuable the reward is.

After completely passing the dungeon, a player has to wait for the next season when he will be enabled to unlock a new level of the dungeon with stronger opponents and new rewards.

A season lasts 7 days and starts on the first day of the week. If a player has defeated all the opponents and completed the level, he will be offered to proceed to the next level of the dungeon as the new season starts. Otherwise, he will have to repeat the attempt and try to pass the current level anew.

An extra reward for every tenth opponent can be received only once within one level of the dungeon. In new seasons these rewards will no longer be available.

As a character progresses through the dungeon, he can enhance his characteristics for one fight by paying with coupons.
A player is given 3 attempts for attacking every opponent. An attempt is restored every hour. Extra attempts can be acquired for coupons.

You can get to the dungeon by talking to the Guardian.