A clan is a group of united people. In clans you develop together with other players and participate in clan events.

A clan has experience and levels. A clan’s level increases with experience. A player accrues experience through completing clan tasks and donations (Contribution).

Clan currency is an internal currency of clans. This currency is earned through donations. The balance of clan currency is unique for every member of a clan.

To join a clan, any of a character’s heroes should get to level 30. To join a closed clan, you need to submit an request and await its confirmation. Joining an instant clan is instant.


A clan’s spirit increases all the characteristics of the heroes that participate in this clan. To increase and maintain the spirit indicator, the members of a clan should perform a daily prayer (the button “Pray”). Every prayer increases the spirit indicator by 0.5% and is effective until the end of the next twenty four hours.


On a daily basis every member of a clan is given 5 individual tasks. Completed tasks generate experience for a clan and gold for the player that completed the task. The list of tasks is renewed as a new day begins.


At the start of a week a clan is given common goals. When completing goals, a clan receives experience. At the start of the next week the progress toward the goals is renewed.

Clan members

All the members of a clan have roles:
  • Member - a standard role in a clan which doesn’t have privileges.
  • Vice leader - sending invitations a player, approving requests, excluding a member from the clan and editing a clan’s messages.  
  • Leader - sending invitations to a player, approving requests, excluding a member from a clan, editing a clan’s messages and appointing deputies.

A member of a clan can leave a clan independently (the button “leave clan”). He or she can also be excluded by the leader of deputy of a clan.


This menu is available only for the leader and his deputies. Using the menu, you can specify the terms of joining a clan and see all current requests from the players who wish to join your clan.