The city is a place from where a player starts any activity. In every city the character meets its citizens. They can give you a task, offer their services and access to game elements.


By turning to the Elder, a Character can use the store of frame - look through your collection of Characters, purchase or change an skin. There you can also buy the accrued free experience and transfer it to any available Character.  


The blacksmith offers you the services of the Weapons store and the Blacksmith’s shop. In the Weapons store you can purchase armor and weapons items for your Character. In the Blacksmith’s shop you can improve your equipment, encrust it with precious stones, use the synthesis service, create companion’s medallions and the legendary category equipment, as well as change the attribute of equipment and its value.  


The Merchant represents three stores: Expendables, Jewelry items and Premium store. A Character can use the Expendables store to replenish his stock of potions. In the Jewelry store you can buy rings and charms. In the Premium store you can buy unique items and expendables for coupons.


The Wiseman allows a Character to replenish his health and chakra points, once every 30 minutes. In the runes store you can choose from the assortment range of runes.


The Guardian lets a player pass into the Dungeon and Mines. The Dungeon tests the Character’s skills in the “tower” format.

Mines is a special type of a dungeon that serves as an additional source of obtaining materials used for creating equipment and changing it.

Tavern Keeper

The Tavern keeper gives and accepts Special tasks that help your Character advance.


The Clerk gives you access to the Meeting hall and World boss.

Use the Meeting hall if you want to pass Team missions.

The World boss is a daily game event. During the entire event all players confront the World boss and his minions.


The Warrior allows a Character to take part in single and team fights for fame and glory.


A cheerful Traveller can take a Character to any available territory at any moment.