Before you start playing, you need to register your character. The registration process involves two stages.

At the first stage you specify your email, password and verification code from an image.

At the second stage you will need to choose a name for your character and then select your first hero.

A character in the game is basically your account, and his appearance will depend on the heroes you select. As you advance through the game, you will be able to assemble a collection from an unlimited number of heroes and choose any directly in the process of the game.

You can change or get another hero by visiting the Elder.

Upon authorization, you can use as login both the email and the character’s name used for registration.

The game data is divided between a character and his heroes. This way the balances of all currencies refer to the character, while they are spent and obtained by all heroes. At the same time a character doesn’t have combat qualities, experience and level of development. All heroes have such properties and each one has his own unique values.

Heroes develop separately. By playing with a hero, earning him experience and leveling him up, you don’t develop other heroes from your collection.

Heroes’ activity is limited by turn points. The balance of turn points is single for all and spent jointly by all heroes.

The current level of turn points is displayed in the upper level corner next to the character’s icon in the form of a green bar.

Every location visit consumes 5 turn points. After all turn points are used up, a hero won’t be any longer to find stashes with treasures and get experience for winning opponents within the passage of locations in single mode. However, a Player can complete any types of tasks without fines.

The balance of turn points is replenished automatically once per twenty-four hours or replenished with coupons for any number of times.
The achievements related to the plot campaign advancement, world exploration and unlocking of new territories are common for all heroes.